Several killed in Denmark after train accident, according to local police


02 January 2019, 12:14


Several people have been killed in a train accident on a bridge in Denmark on Wednesday, police on the Island of Fyn said.

The accident shut the bridge linking Fyn to the island of Zealand.

Funen Police confirmed to Euronews that there have been fatalities in the accident on the low bridge over the Great Belt. But at this moment the police say they have no further information on the fatalities or the number of fatalities.

Police outlined in a statement that they have set up an evacuation centre in Nyborg for the passengers from the train. It is located in Nyborg Sports Center, Storebæltsvej 13-14.

The police also called on everyone who has been on board the train to contact their relatives and state that they are okay.

Police say they will hold a press conference at the Police Court in Odense later this morning.

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