Petition to reverse Brexit hits a record 4.2m signatures


24 March 2019, 11:57


A petition calling on the UK to revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU has gathered more than four million signatures in under three days, Euronews reports.

By 14.30 CET on Saturday it had attracted more than 4.2m names making it the most popular one ever on the UK parliament’s website.

“The government repeatedly claims exiting the EU is ‘the will of the people’,” it reads. “We need to put a stop to this claim by proving the strength of public support now, for remaining in the EU. A People’s Vote may not happen – so vote now.”

Petitions with more than 100,000 signatures are automatically considered for a debate in parliament.

The petition was posted on Wednesday night by Margaret Anne Georgiadou. It gathered more than 100,000 signatures in its first two hours.

The petition was so successful that the page on the British parliament’s website crashed for several hours on Thursday morning.

“Nearly 2,000 signatures are being completed every minute”, the British parliament’s Petition committee said on Twitter. “The rate of signing is the highest the site has ever had to deal with and we have had to make some changes to ensure the site remains stable and open for signatures and new petitions.”

A map of the petition participants showed high numbers of Remainers in Edinburgh, London, Bristol, Cambridge and Brighton.

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