Mexico’s new president puts predecessor’s luxury plane up for sale


03 December 2018, 20:14


Mexico’s newly elected president, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, has not even his finished his first day in office, but in the spirit of ridding the country of excess he has already put his predecessor’s plane up for sale, Euronews reports.

“We are selling all the planes and helicopters that the corrupt politicians used,” President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador told a rally.

Journalists were invited inside the luxury Boeing 787 Dreamliner to see the presidential bedroom and what appeared to show a marble-lined bathroom.

The presidential jet, worth $218 million (€192 million), will be flown to California where it will be sold to a new owner.

Lopez Obrador also pledged to end ex-presidents pensions and a pay cut for senior government officials at the rally.

The new president, known for his thrifty lifestyle also opened the doors to the Mexican presidency residence, Los Pinos, to the public on Saturday.

Much of his election victory was due to seizing on widespread disgust with Mexico’s governing elite, which many see as corrupt.

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