Macron: “Notre Dame will be rebuilt in five years, more beautiful than before”


16 April 2019, 21:32


France’s president Emmanuel Macron has told France Notre Dame cathedral will be rebuilt, and it must be rebuilt within five years, Euronews reports.

In a live televised Presidential address to the nation, Macron vowed the cathedral would be even more beautiful than it was before.

It comes after more than €700 million in donations flooded in on Tuesday to help rebuild the Catholic landmark, which was catastrophically damaged by a fire on Monday evening.

Investigators are beginning a probe into how the fire started but are prioritising the idea that it was an accident.

The blaze, which captured the attention of throngs of worried onlookers along the River Seine, felled the cathedral’s roof and spire.

There were fears it would destroy the whole building but fire chiefs announced they had managed to save the main stone structure.

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