Italy’s Salvini fails to win key regional election in Emilia-Romagna


27 January 2020, 11:39


An attempt by Italy’s nationalist opposition leader Matteo Salvini to destabilise the government by forcing the left out of power in a key regional election appeared to have failed early on Monday.

The centre-left Democratic Party was leading with 51,36% of the votes in Emilia-Romagna, against 43,73% for the candidate of Salvini’s League, according to projections made at 2 a.m. local time.

Salvini had been hoping for more than a symbolic victory in the northern region, which has been a left-wing stronghold in postwar Italy with unbroken leftist administrations for 70 years.

The election was marked by a very high turnout of 67.67%, against 37% in previous regional elections in 2014.

Italy’s ruling coalition, formed of the Democratic Party and the anti-establishment Five Star Movement, insisted the election would have no impact on the government — but Salvini had threatened to force early elections if his party secured victory.

Italy is currently ruled by its 67th government since World War II – which equates to, on average since 1946, a new administration every 12 or 13 months.

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