Italian PM Giuseppe Conte resigns plunging the country into fresh political turmoil


20 August 2019, 17:14

Giuseppe Conte 965611450

Italy’s Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has resigned plunging the country into fresh political turmoil.

“Salvini’s decision [to call time on the coalition] is serious, it has relevant consequences for the economic and social life of the country,” said Conte. “He has shown that he is seeking personal interest and party’s interest (above the nation’s one).

“When a political force pursues electoral convenience only, it compromises national interest,” he added. “Salvini’s choices reveal a lack of institutional sensitivity and a serious lack of institutional culture.”

“The behaviour of a political force which, while presenting a motion of no confidence in the government, does not withdraw its ministers appears to be contradictory,” he said.

“Whoever holds government responsibilities, should not exploit religious symbols, offending worshippers and undermining the principle of secularism in a modern state.”

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