Esther McVey, Shailesh Vara, Suella Braverman also announced their resignations after Raab


15 November 2018, 14:24


Esther McVey also resigned as work and pensions secretary.

In her letter, she said the deal put forward “does not honour the result of the referendum”.

“Indeed, it does not meet the tests you set from the outset of your premiership,” she added, Euronews reports.

Earlier in the morning, Shailesh Vara posted his own resignation letter on Twitter.

Vara, who is not part of the Cabinet which met yesterday to approve the deal on behalf of the government, said in his resignation letter that he could not support the agreement because it obliges the UK to continue to follow EU rules for an undefined period.

“We will be locked in a Customs Arrangement indefinitely, bound by rules determined by the EU over which we have no say. Worse, we will not be free to leave the Customs Arrangement unilaterally if we wish to do so,” he wrote.

The ‘Customs Arrangement’ obliges the UK to adhere to regulations around trade rules in order to avoid putting in place border controls between Northern Ireland, part of the UK, and Ireland, which remains in the EU.

The resignation highlights the challenge May will face getting the deal approved by parliament where hardliners in favour of remaining inside the EU and supporting a Brexit that leaves the UK completely free from Brussels influence have expressed opposition.

Suella Braverman, a junior minister in Britain’s Brexit ministry, also resigned shortly after Raab.

“I now find myself unable to sincerely support the deal agreed yesterday by cabinet,” she said in a letter posted on Twitter.

Braverman said the proposed Northern Ireland backstop is not what the British people voted for, and threatened to break up the UK.


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