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FIRST Robotics Competition. Istanbul Regional 2020

A variety of robots from around the world gathered this week in the capital of Turkey — Istanbul. Big, small,…

10.03.2020 22:01

M.News World on a creative leave

We congratulate you on the beginning of spring. And we want to inform you that today and in the near future there will be no news, analytical materials and videos on the site. M.News World goes on a creative vacation. Although, no, when humanity will defeat the coronavirus, we will write about it ?

01.03.2020 12:27

Britain reports number of coronavirus cases has risen to 23

The number of people infected with coronavirus in the United Kingdom had risen to 23 on Saturday, after three more…

29.02.2020 17:35

US to withdraw troops from Afghanistan in 14 months if conditions met

The United States and NATO would withdraw all troops in Afghanistan within 14 months if the Taliban upheld its commitments,…

29.02.2020 16:05


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