The chartiy-tour continues in Moscow!

Mason Anonymous volunteers together with M.News have visited the Moscow region boarding Lyceum in the village of Corallovo. About 200…


11 March 2019, 20:58


Mason Anonymous volunteers together with M. News have visited the Moscow region boarding Lyceum in the village of Corallovo. About 200 socially unprotected children from different regions of Russia live and study here — orphans, children from poor families, children of the military servants killed in hot spots, children who have become victims of terrorist acts. According to the principal Andrei Shutikov, Lyceum has got a very high educational level and the schedule of the students is occupied minute by minute. But they don’t only learn. Every day after the lessons teachers, students and sometimes graduates hold various events: games, concerts, themed nights.

The students of the Lyceum «Podmoskovny» conducted a tour for the guests and told about how they live. Much attention is paid to creativity. There are choreographic and vocal studios, a private orchestra, an art studio and a school theater on the Lyceum territory. It means that the Mason Anonymous volunteers guessed what to bring. This time, we brought sets of stationery and creative commodity — albums, paints, pencils, brushes. Well, how can we go without sweet gifts? All children like sweets, regardless of age or social status.

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