Iraq ferry sinking: More than 70 killed after overloaded vessel sinks

At least 71 people died after an overloaded ferry sank in the Tigris river near Mosul in Iraq, according to…

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21 March 2019, 20:16


At least 71 people died after an overloaded ferry sank in the Tigris river near Mosul in Iraq, according to police and media sources.

A spokesperson for Iraq’s interior ministry told the Associated Press 71 people had died, and 55 were rescued, which included 19 children, Euronews reports.

The head of Mosul’s Civil Defence Authority, Husam Khalil, told Reuters most of the victims were women and children who could not swi m.

The vessel was believed to be carrying 200 people who were celebrating the holiday of Nowruz, which marks the arrival of spring and the Kurdish and Persian New Year.

Officials said the ferry sank because of a technical problem.

Footage shared on social media showed people shouting for help as others gathered near the river bank.

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