Awake Jerusalem! Live prayer for Israel

The international organization of evangelical leaders, Eagles’ Wings, brought hundreds of activists to the capital of Israel as part of the Awake Jerusalem campaign.

Near East

07 October 2018, 15:42

The international organization of evangelical leaders, Eagles' Wings, brought hundreds of activists to the capital of Israel as part of the Awake Jerusalem campaign. Together they will hold a mass prayer in support of the Jewish state, which will be broadcast to an audience of 90 million people!

Broadcast Schedule (GMT -4, Eastern Time, New York)

Sunday, October 7th

  • 09:00 (16:00 Jerusalem Time) — Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem 2018
  • 11:00 (18:00 Jerusalem Time) — Awake Jerusalem 2018
  • 14:30 (21:30 Jerusalem Time) — Call for Prayer 2018 — October — Live

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