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03:03 27 October

Influence of protests and armed groups on US election campaign

A big part of the campaign for US president has been the long, hot summer of protests in America.


01:02 27 October

Angela Merkel is reportedly considering a nationwide ‘lockdown light’

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is planning a nationwide lockdown light which could force the closure of bars, restaurants and public events, according to Bild newspaper.


23:01 26 October

Frozen water discovered in more places on Moon, scientists confirm

The moons shadowed, frigid nooks and crannies may hold frozen water in more places and in larger quantities than previously suspected, scientists in the United States reported on Monday.


21:14 26 October

Smart Schools – a cross-border project making schools greener

A 15-metre chimney towers above the Ivan Goran Kovai Primary School in Gradaac, northeastern Bosnia-Herzegovina. Its a relic of the era when coal – a heavy pollutant – was the main source of energy in the region. Previously, the school alone consumed 120 tonnes of coal per year.


21:03 26 October

Mateus Webba Da Silva: the Angolan expert breaking ground in DNA research

In this first episode of the brand new series of Global Angola, shining the spotlight on Angolan people and projects that are having an impact on the international stage, we visited Northern Ireland.


19:04 26 October

The Travel Corporation’s latest sustainability strategy

To mark the UNs 75th anniversary, we caught up with Shannon Guihan, Chief TreadRight Sustainability Officer at The Travel Corporation, to find out more about the businesss latest plans for sustainable tourism.


17:05 26 October

Azores elections sees Portugal’s socialists lose majority

Portugals governing Socialist party declared victory in Sundays Azores regional election but lost its absolute majority in the islands parliament.


15:12 26 October

Brussels exhibition showcases forgeries and fakes throughout history

The role of fakes and forgeries throughout history is the focus of a new exhibition in the Belgian capital Brussels.


15:02 26 October

Nigeria protests: Police chief declares crackdown after violence

Nigerias chief of police has ordered the immediate mobilisation of all police resources to put an end to days of street violence and looting.


13:02 26 October

US elections: Why American voters are more divided than ever

Any presidential election in the United States is bound to divide Americans over who should be the next host of the White House, but the upcoming elections seem to have divided the country more than ever.


11:04 26 October

US-Poland: Trump brings Polish and American nations closer

These were the words of US President Donald Trump at a meeting in Washington with Polish President Andrzej Duda, in June.


03:02 26 October

Belarusian opposition leader Tikhanovskaya calls for nationwide strike

Tens of thousands of protesters in Belarus swarmed the streets of the capital on Sunday, over two months after the countrys authoritarian President Lukashenko claimed victory in a disputed election.


01:04 26 October

Pope appoints Wilton Gregory as first African American cardinal

Pope Francis on Sunday named 13 new cardinals, including Washington DC Archbishop Wilton Gregory, who will become the first Black US prelate to earn the coveted red hat.


23:04 25 October

‘Moldova is at a crossroads,’ says leader of opposition Maia Sandu

Moldovans head to the polls on November 1 to elect the countrys next president in a choice between East and West.


21:03 25 October

British store trials AI to spot customers not wearing face masks

Since COVID-19 became a part of our lives, businesses around Europe have been looking for ways to remind their customers to wear a face mask.


17:09 25 October

Ukraine votes: Local elections seen as test for embattled Zelenskyy

Ukrainians on Sunday voted in local elections that were considered a test for President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, a former comedian who took office last year vowing to bring peace, uproot endemic corruption and shore up a worsening economy.