Survey: Trust in Russian President Putin Falling


08 October 2018, 20:48

Trust in Russian President Vladimir Putin has dropped to 39 percent among Russians amidst controversy over his decision to raise the age of retirement for men and women, according to a poll released Monday, the lowest rating he has received in four years.

Putin’s trust rating has fallen nine percent since June, and 20 percent since November of last year. Thirteen percent of Russians said they did not trust their president, according to the independent Levada Center.

Putin signed a bill last week that will increase the state retirement age for men to 65 and for women to 60. The decision, deeply unpopular among most Russians, has sparked street protests.

Adding to the Russian president’s fall in ratings are rising prices and a decline in earnings.

Putin’s lowest-ever rating in a Levada poll was 30 percent in August 2013, following the 2008 economic crisis and a series of protests.

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