Paris pension protests continue


04 January 2020, 20:26


Thousands of demonstrators took to the streets of Paris on Saturday, continuing their protest against President Macron’s proposed pension reforms, Euronews reports.

The measures has led to a month of strikes across France, with unions saying millions of people will have to work beyond the country’s retirement age of 62.

Some demonstrators came dressed in yellow vests – symbols of last year’s weekly protests against Mr. Macron’s economic reforms.

The bill transforming the current system of 42 different pension schemes into a single universal point-based scheme will be reviewed by the Council of Ministers later this month.

After 4 weeks of strikes, the country’s SNCF rail network says service will improve starting this weekend. The Parisien RATP metro network has also promised a “light improvement”. But unions have called another day of strikes for Thursday, with teachers and hospital workers among those expected to participate.

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