Myanmar Court Sentences Frenchman to Jail for Flying Drone


27 February 2019, 17:24


A court in Myanmar has sentenced a French tourist to one month in prison with hard labor, but he is expected to be released in about a week because of time he served while awaiting trial, VOA news reports.

Arthur Desclaux was arrested on Feb. 7 for flying a drone close to the capital’s parliament complex, and for bringing the device into the country. He was convicted Wednesday under the Illegal Export-Import Act, which has a maximum penalty of three years’ imprisonment.

French consular official Frederic Inza, who attended the trial, said 27-year old Desclaux admitted his guilt but pleaded he was unaware of the restriction. He also could have been charged under an aviation law that carries a heavier sentence.

Inza said he expects Desclaux to be released March 8.

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