‘Frustrated’ May Won’t Ask EU for Long Brexit Delay


20 March 2019, 13:05


UK Prime Minister Theresa May will not be seeking a long Brexit delay from the EU as she is frustrated with the inability of the British Parliament to take a decision on the matter, her office has announced.

The announcement comes a mere nine days before the originally set Brexit date of March 29, 2019, although the UK is widely expected to ask the Union for an extension given the failure of the two sides to agree on a withdrawal deal.

“[Prime Minister May] won’t be asking for a long extension [when she writes to the EU],” said Downing Street No. 10.

“There is a case for giving Parliament a bit more time to agree a way forward, but the people of this country have been waiting nearly three years now,” the UK leader’s office added, as cited by BBC News.

“They are fed up with Parliament’s failure to take a decision and the PM shares their frustration,” it stressed.

The announcement about the modest Brexit delay to be requested comes after the British MPs rejected the amended withdrawal deal May had negotiated with the EU.

The British Parliament also voted in favor of ruling out a no-deal Brexit, and in favor of extending the process and thus delaying Brexit.

May had been hoping to get a third vote on her Brexit deal with the EU but House of Commons Speaker John Bercow intervened to prevent that.

He argued a new “meaningful vote” would not be in order in the coming days since the motion was “substantially the same”.

Thus, the Brexit delay that May is going to seek from the EU will probably not go beyond the end of June 2019, according to the BBC.

A Brexit delay would have to be approved by all EU 27 member states. The British leader is going to Brussels on Thursday to an EU summit to discuss the delay options.

If a Brexit delay is agreed upon, May is expected to try to get a third vote at the British Parliament on her Brexit deal with the EU.

She has warned the MPs that if her deal gets their approval, the UK would still need a short Brexit extension, while if it does not, a longer delay would be needed.

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