After Big Earthquake, Aftershocks Continue to Rattle Alaska


20 December 2018, 00:49


Nearly three weeks after a 7.0-magnitude earthquake shook up southcentral Alaska, the state continues to register frequent aftershocks, VOA reports.

Anchorage television station KTUU reports seismic sensors have registered nearly 5,000 aftershocks since the November 30 earthquake.

The large earthquake caused millions in damage but no deaths or injuries.

Seismologists at the Alaska Earthquake Center say the frequency of aftershocks has slowed but seismic activity remains “way above” background levels before last month’s quake.

Center network manager Natalia Rupert says the region before November 30 averaged several earthquakes per day. Since then, the region has experienced an aftershock every couple of minutes.

Most aftershocks are smaller than 3.0-magnitude.

Only about 120 aftershocks since December 4 have registered at 3.0 or greater.

Nine aftershocks registered at larger than 4.0.

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