4 September 2020


04.09.2020 21:04

Serbia and Kosovo normalise economic ties after White House talks

President Donald Trump announced on Friday that Serbia and Kosovo have normalised economic ties as part of US-brokered talks that include Belgrade moving its Israeli embassy to Jerusalem, and Israel and Kosovo agreeing to mutual recognition.


04.09.2020 19:21

When contacts count: the network boosting small business

The coronavirus and advances in digital technology are transforming the way businesses communicate, but sometimes you cant beat a bit of good old-fashioned networking. As the cliche goes, its not always what you know but who you know that counts. For that reason, no matter how good the companys product or service is, having the right contacts and network can be crucial for any business trying to expand.


04.09.2020 17:03

Dutch appeals court convicts Geert Wilders of insulting Moroccans

A Dutch appeals court upheld Friday the conviction of far-right politician Geert Wilders for insulting Moroccans in comments he made at an election night gathering in 2014. However, the court overturned Wilders conviction for inciting discrimination.