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Civilian Death Toll Mounts as Syrian Offensive Widens

Airstrikes have killed more than two dozen civilians in northwestern Syria in the last two days in an escalation of a Russian-backed…

18.08.2019 09:34

UK Parliament Can’t Stop Brexit, Johnson to Tell Macron, Merkel

Prime Minister Boris Johnson will tell French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel that his nation’s Parliament cannot stop Brexit and…

18.08.2019 09:16

Security Laws Making Australia a Secretive State, Media Leaders Say

Media organizations say Australia has become a secretive state that is actively restricting the press. The leaders of the country’s…

18.08.2019 08:12

Sudanese Military, Protest Leaders Sign Transition Deal

Sudan’s Transitional Military Council and protest leaders on Saturday signed a historic power-sharing agreement in Khartoum, VOA news reports. The pact…

18.08.2019 07:07

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